Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office searching for a suspect considered to be armed and dangerous

Local News

Authorities in Ashtabula, Ohio are looking for a man that they believe handcuffed and held a group of people at gunpoint.

Neighbors say the police responded to a home near the area of Route 20 and Myers Road. The Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office then confirmed that they received a report of an assault in progress.

A man apparently entered the home with a gun, used handcuffs to restrain three men and one pregnant woman, questioning the woman about visitation rights for the child also in the home.

One of the adults was pistol whipped during the incident.

The suspect is described as black male, 6’1,” 180 pounds, all dressed in black, who speaks with a stutter. Police are not releasing the identity of the suspect, but say he is know to law enforcement.

He is considered armed and dangerous.

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