John Grazioli shot and killed his wife nearly 13 months ago. Two months ago, he was found guilty of the crime. Today, he learned he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison.

There were some emotional moments in the courtroom when Amanda Grazioli’s parents addressed the court, looking back at their daughter’s life they say was taken too soon. 

“It’s completely appropriate for the facts and circumstances of this case.” Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly had no problem with the sentence handed down to John Grazioli, who killed his wife with a gunshot to the head.

Connelly knew Grazioli would be off the streets for the rest of his life.

“First-degree murder in Pennsylvania is life without parole.”

And, that’s just what Judge Daniel Brabender handed down; life without parole. 

Grazioli was sentenced Friday for the death of his wife, Amanda, who he shot and killed in their Millcreek home last March.

During today’s sentencing, Amanda’s parents addressed the court with a letter about their daughter; a letter that left few dry eyes in the room.

Connelly saying of that letter, “…I think everybody, every parent, can see their child as the mom and dad spoke of her.”

Judge Brabender asked Grazioli if he would like to tell him why he killed his wife. Grazioli never gave a motive.

His attorney, Brian Arrowsmith, said he advised Grazioli not to speak because of a pending civil matter and a possible appeal in the case.

“There was an instruction of voluntary intoxication. We believe there was evidence to support that charge that would render a 1st degree to a 3rd degree.”

Connelly says she doubts Grazioli will ever say why he killed his wife.

“I think that’s one thing we’re never going to know. John’s the one who knows that and won’t tell us the truth. He’s shown himself to be a narcissistic liar.”

Brabender pointed out how much Amanda’s family loved and trusted him and hope that someday, they’ll know why their daughter was murdered.