Assistant DA comments on Frey’s guilty verdict

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After a plea deal, multiple sentencing postponements and a retraction of a guilty plea, Cheryl Frey is found guilty of homicide by DUI.

She was charged with driving drunk, causing a three-car collision and killing 57-year-old Wade Schultze.  The crash happened on Route 99 in McKean Township in February of 2017.  Frey’s attorney told the jury she isn’t responsible for the crash, calling it a “targeted investigation” since Frey was an off-duty officer at the time.  But, the jury took the side of the prosecution.

The Assistant District Attorney, Jeremy Lightner, saying all the evidence points at Frey as the culprit. “BAC is not just a number its a certain amount of drinking. It’s a certain type of behavior, of balance, decision making and certainly, that was the relevance that the jury could see that she was in no condition to drive the moment she chose to drive and ended up killing Wade Schultze.” 

Frey will now be sentenced on multiple charges on August 1st.

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