Two dead in car-train accident

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We’re now being told that it was a man and a woman who died when their vehicle was hit by a west county train Wednesday afternoon.

Crews were called to the 2000 block of Eaglee Street in East Springfield for an initial call of unresponsive patients from a car train accident on the CSX tracks.

It’s believed the train was heading east and the car was heading north we don’t know why the car either stopped or tried to pull across the tracks in the path of the oncoming train. On site, Pennsylvania State Troopers tell us that the car was a blue Toyota Yaris with Ohio plates and the accident did not occur at the Eagley intersection, but the Elmwood Road intersection which over a half mile down.

Evidence at the scene suggests that the impact may have been further west and the train pushed the car forward after impact.

We do not have the identities of the victims and only know that it was a man and a woman. We do not know why they were either stopped or crossing the tracks at the time of impact.

State troopers, emergency responders and west county volunteers are all on the scene. We talked with one woman, Rose Stillman who has lived in the area and she says there needs to be more protection in place along theses tracks.

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