Attorney for the Manus family releases a statement in regards to county response

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Attorney John Mizner held a news conference today in response to the county’s statement regarding Felix Manus’ death.

Mizner, who is representing Manus’ family, says the county’s statement was disrespectful and that officials owe the public an explanation as to what exactly happened.  

He said that when Manus’ longtime girlfriend, Amanda, learned that Felix was in critical condition, she called the pre-release center, she was handed off to a lieutenant who was “not courteous or professional” and did not give her any information except that he didn’t realize how far away Manus had been from an ambulance.  When she asked for a timeline of events, they would not give her the information.

He also says that she went to the pre-release center the next day in person to try to get more information, and all she got was two black bags full of Felix’s belongings covered in his own laundry soap and lotion, which they had tossed in the bag.  When she was, again, not given answers to her questions, she then contacted a lawyer.

Mizner called County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper’s words “reckless” in stating that the autopsy results were inconclusive, saying there is a big difference between inconclusive and incomplete and says that by her own admission, her office did not contact the coroner.

He also mentioned that the county stated a nurse was involved, but by law, nurses are now allowed to diagnose or create a treatment plan.  Not only that, but Mizner says the information given to the nurse was 3rd hand, coming from an employee from the work release center who had spoken to the driver.

He further stated that the family is waiting to hear back from an autopsy to determine if Manus’ family will move forward with a civil suit, but what they really want is the truth and for this not to happen to anyone ever again.

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