Attorney representing Amanda Grazioli’s family calls John’s ‘not guilty’ plea pathetic

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A man who allegedly confessed to killing his wife to a priest is today saying he’s not guilty.

The man charged in the Millcreek murder that gained national attention will be heading to trial.  Prosecutors say John Grazioli shot and killed his wife Amanda Grazioli while she was sleeping in their Millcreek home. 

Investigators telling the judge they found a handgun, along with what appeared to be a suicide note, in the couple’s bedroom.  But, they later found John at Saint Peter Cathedral where he allegedly told the priest he murdered his wife.    

At his preliminary hearing, his attorney saying he’ll be pleading ‘not guilty’ to the crime. 

Legal Analyst Stephen Seabald says his lawyer is likely trying to flesh out issues that might pertain to the statements Grazioli may have already made.  

Grazioli’s attorneys originally requested that his civil suit be postponed until his criminal case comes to an end, but the attorney representing Amanda’s family, Adam Barrist, says that’s unnecessary.  “I need to be with my clients every step of this process. In the criminal case, in the civil case, we are a united front against somebody who is a shell of a human being.” 

Barrist describes John’s intention to plead not guilty as pathetic.  

John’s ex-wife was among the people called to the stand.  She is saying John called and texted her the day of the crime, saying, “He told me that he had left a box on my porch and said that he had killed Amanda.”

Investigators today saying the bullet they found in Amanda came from the handgun they uncovered.

District Judge Laurie Mikielski held John Grazioli on all charges.  Neither the defense nor the prosecuting attorney wanted to comment for this report.

The hearing to determine whether or not the civil case will be postponed is scheduled for June 5th. 

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