Attorneys respond to guilty verdict against accused killer John Grazioli

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The jury reaches a decision in a high profile Erie County homicide case. Their verdict making sure the defendant spends the rest of his life behind bars.

Jackie Roberts brings us the latest information on the John Grazioli homicide trial.

45-year old John Grazioli walking with presumption of innocence one last time before an Erie County jury found him guilty of all charges including murder in the first degree. The Commonwealth made the case that Grazioli shot his wife of fewer than six months in the back of the head while she sleeping. The victim, 31-year old Amanda Grazioli, would’ve died instantly. 

“Amanda brought no tears to his eyes, what he had done, he had no remorse for whatsoever and he’s just a very, very cold man,” said Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly. 

But Grazioli did cry when he was telling his own story that he bought the gun as a gift for Amanda and when he was showing her how to use it, he accidentally pulled the trigger. With tears in eyes, he told the jury, “I would do anything to have her back.” 

“I found that to be very insincere. I think John Grazioli is about John Grazioli. He does only what benefits him and those tears were for himself who is now found in this predicament. I think he’s crying because he knew he was done for and he had to be accountable for his actions,” said Connelly. 

Defense Attorney Brian Arrowsmith said after the verdict, “We standby our position that this was an accident.” 

Grazioli will face a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole and he still has a separate trial ahead of him.

“When I get done with him in a civil trial, he’s gonna wish that Governor Wolf would rescind the ban on capital punishment,” said Civil Attorney Adam Barrist. 

That case has been on hold while the criminal case unfolded but a hearing is scheduled later this month to determine when it will resume. 

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