Auditor General Depasquale calls for changes in handling child abuse cases

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Outgoing Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene Depasquale used one of his last press conferences to call for changes in how some counties deal with victims of child abuse.

In his third report on the status of Pennsylvania’s children, Depasquale called on investigators to do everything possible to make young victims of sexual abuse comfortable when testifying.

Some counties, such as Erie, uses kid friendly spaces like the Child Advocacy Center for interviews, but not every county has that.

Depasquale urged all counties to find a solution.

Either every county or regional access to like say in Erie maybe Crawford or Warren can all use the Erie facility. I’m just throwing that out there as an example. So either they all have access and an agreement to use them,” said Eugene Depasquale, (D), PA Auditor General.

Republican Tim Defoor is the commonwealth’s incoming Auditor General.

Depasquale said that he will be teaching law school while weighing any future political options.

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