Author and Commentator George Will featured speaker at Thursday night’s Global Summit XI

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One of President Trump’s biggest conservative critics was last night’s featured speaker at Global Summit XI.

Author and Commentator George Will was the featured speaker Thursday night at Gannon’s Hammermill Center.

Among the topics discussed, Will addressed the importance of a free market economy and the breakdown of family.

Before his talk, the Pulitzer Prize winner said the Trump Presidency, “It’s all about him, it’s egotism and it’s entirely personal.”

“We’ve seen under Mr. Trump how quickly public discourse can change for the worse. The good side is someone could change it for the better just as quick and just as dramatically,” said George Will, Conservative Commentator/Speaker.

Global Summit XI continues Monday, November 11th at 7:30 p.m. with Erie native and C-Span host Steve Scully as the moderator speaking on “Campaign 2020: Trump, The Democrats, and the Road to the White House.”

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