Dozens of Erie residents overdosed on fentanyl in 2021. Now local leaders are hoping that this recent drug raid will prevent future overdoses.

The Erie County coroner reported about 100 drug related overdoses in 2021, while 38 of those deaths were the result of fentanyl overdoses.

On May 12, large amounts of fentanyl were seized from several Erie neighborhoods.

Chief Dan Spizarny said that this indictment will hopefully have a positive impact on the community and prevent more fentanyl overdoses from happening in Erie.

“I can’t draw a direct line to this group to any particular death. If we did we’d be charging them with that, but we know that in the past few years we’ve been having a tremendous drug problem. It’s not just Erie, it’s across the country. Fentanyl has devastated communities. Last year we lost 38 citizens of Erie,” said Dan Spizarny, Police Chief, City of Erie Bureau of Police.

Chief Spizarny said that more details on the amount of fentanyl recovered from these drug seizures will be reported in the next few weeks.