The award winning local horror movie “Unearth” will be showcased at the Sunset Drive-in this Thursday May 6th.

Last week more than 400 people attended the premier showing. Both John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies directed the film.

Girard native Marc Blucas played one of the main characters in the film. He will be attending Thursday’s event at the Sunset Drive-in in Waterford.

This movie is about two neighboring farm families whose relationships are strained when one chooses to lease their land to a gas company and then their water becomes contaminated.

According to the Co-Director John Lyons, the movie was filmed in Western Pennsylvania and he wanted to highlight the area.

“One of our big goals with Unearth was not just to hire local, but also to bring people back home to bring the talent that has moved away back home,” said John C. Lyons, Co-Director of Unearth.

The film was also awarded a diversity award for women in leadership positions on the film.

“The movie, it’s definitely we put a strong accent on the art direction of the film. We used a really good quality camera which we had to order from Pittsburg and we used really awesome quality lenses which we ordered from L.A. so that was a strong side of this film which should be something different than most of regular horror/drama movies,” said Dorota Swies Film Director.

“If you have more than half of women in leadership roles and the crew in focus of this story they only choose like 25-30 films like out of Hollywood each year that they give this to and they just awarded it to us which you know we feel it was always we wanted to have women in leadership roles and be represented which feels really good,” said Lyons.

According to Lyons In addition to this award the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just acquired the script for Unearth to keep in their library to keep in their collection.

For information on how to get your ticket for Thursday’s show featuring an appearance by Marc Blucas, click here.