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Helping veterans one city at a time, that is the goal of one local veteran who knows first hand the obstacles they face every day.

Al Alabsawi was turned away for help.  He wants to make sure no veteran experiences what he did.  So, he and another veteran are hitting the open road for the first ‘Awesomeness Tour’.  

Alabsawi shares his thoughts, “I should not be here. There is a service member who gave his life to make sure I’m here.”  So, he is packing up an RV and gearing up to head across the country.  “I wanted to reach veterans instead of having them contact me and spend that time,” says Alabsawi, “I wanted to go to them.  In a way, I guess, me serving them since they have served.”

Alabsawi founded CET-VET after experiencing first hand the lack of help veterans receive after he served in the US army.  “There was a few days left in my tour in 2006 and we got ambushed. I lost a friend of mine that was standing in front of me and I ended up losing my leg.”  

Then, Alabsawi found himself homeless.  “After living in my car for about three months, I reached out for help. It took a lot for me to do it in the first place. But once I mustered up that kind of courage to do it, I was surprised that a lot of people turned their backs on me.”

Hoping to change the status quo, Alabsawi is hitting the open road to make a difference in veteran’s lives, from here to San Diego, California.

“To have them come up to [the RV] and then help them out in anyway we can, whether it’s providing them assistance we might have… if somebody has some payments and bills due, I just want to let them know that hey, somebody our there really does care.”

The CET-NET RV, dubbed ‘The Silver Yeti,’ heads west July 24th for 30 days.  The RV will also be outside Angelo’s Salon in the 1200 block of State Street tomorrow for the Beards and Beer event.

To check out the route they’re taking, you can visit their webpage at http://cetvet.org/2017/07/14/first-annual-awesomeness-tour/.  Al says he plans to do the trip every year.

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