Back to school sleep routine tips

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Back to school season is upon us and many parents are likely fretting over the thought of trying to drag their children out of bed at early morning hours again.  

Teens tend to have the most difficulty adjusting because they naturally want to go to bed late and get up late.  But, for parents with very young children, adjusting from a daytime nap to a full day of school with no nap can be a challenge, too.  So, start preparing early to avoid sleep deprivation.

Dr Harneet Walia of Cleveland Clinic advises to “start waking the child fifteen minutes earlier, at the same time, start putting them to bed fifteen minutes earlier, on a daily basis and then small increments so that they can get into the school sleep-wake schedule.”

A good rule of thumb, for children of all ages is no screen time within one hour of bedtime.

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