The Barber National Institute also celebrating Giving Tuesday by giving back to the community through service.  Today, several volunteers helped seniors knock down some pins while bowling at Brevillier Village.  

It’s just another day of giving back to the community for these volunteers.  The Barber National Institute adults in the Club Erie Program usually volunteer around 200 hours a month.  The experience for these adults not only helps them give back but helps integrate the adults into the community, build skills and relationships, as well as explore potential careers.

Laura Schaaf, Director of Giving for the Barber National Institute says, “Our adults are always working toward greater independence. One of the ways for them to be more independent is through a job. This opens up the door of possibilities for them.”

Aside from bowling, other volunteers transported food baskets for families served by the food pantry at Saint Patrick Church as well as clean up the nature play space at Presque Isle.