Barber National Institute gears up for Adult Prom

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Those at the Barber National Institute made a big decision Saturday for their upcoming big day.
Men and women over 18 years old with intellectual disabilities is gearing up for the first Barber National Institute adult prom.
They had the chance to pick out the perfect dress, suit or tux for the big dance.
The prom attire, including shoes and accessories is organized for those attending prom this year through Project Prom free of charge.
Girls were ecstatic to be able to attend their first prom.
The ESO coordinator at the Barber Center, Jaclyn Zacherl Herrmann says, ” A lot of them haven’t had a prom before. A lot of them came today saying this is the first time they have had a dress.
 We had girls running up and down grabbing dresses even if they didn’t got them they were grabbing dresses trying them on they were trying on shoes and makeup and jewelry.”
About 30 people spent the afternoon selecting just the right look for an adult prom coming June 24th.

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