Be alert and on the look out for heat illnesses

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When it comes to the spectrum of heat illness, symptoms can vary from minor to life-threatening.  

Emergency Department Physician Dr. Tom Waters of the Cleveland Clinic says when it comes to heat illness, young children and the elderly are most susceptible to having difficulty with heat because their bodies are not able to respond to heat stress as well as others.

“Anytime you start to feel nauseous; headache, feeling sick, and certainly if you notice a loved one has any type of change in mental status when they’re exposed to a heat stress; that’s very concerning that they’re starting to have heatstroke and you need to take action right away.”

Dr. Waters points out that certain medications and medical conditions can impair a person’s ability to respond to heat stress.  He says the best thing to do is to stay safe in the heat is to practice preparation, prevention, and recognition.

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