Kuhl Hose Fire Company has a safety warning for the public on Wednesday.

The Kuhl Hose Co. fire warden said now that it’s officially fall wildfire season in the region, combined with this year’s dry weather, conditions are ideal for fires to spread.

Some of the major factors are dead vegetation, leaf piles and dry windy conditions.

Kuhl Hose Co. also warned that wildfires are currently on the rise and said there are tips for those burning to stick to when they finish.

“You need to make sure you put water on the fire, stir it around, more water, make sure that it’s cold and a little wind, a few embers are enough to spread that fire outside of what you would think would be a normal burn pile,” said Kuhl Hose Co. Forest Fire Warden Don Erbin Jr.

Erbin added the region is currently under a moderate warning but said current conditions are ideal to turn to a red flag warning.