‘Be Utility Wise’ event looks to help low income families stay warm in the winter

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As summer is coming to an end and colder weather is approaching, community service agencies are learning how to help low income households stay warm.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) began their ‘Be Utility Wise’ events in Erie to educate about programs that are available for those who need it.

PUC Commissioner Andrew Place explained the difficultly families have dealing with day to day activities if they don’t have heat.

Therefore, bringing people such as social workers to an event like this is essential to have early, this way that information can be known before winter hits.

“Get them in early. See that it’s a basket of good, basket of ways to help these communities, help these families, and that not one size fits all, and educate and train the trainers,” said Andrew Place, PUC Commissioner.

PUC’s theme for this years campaign is “Shining the Light: Leading the Way to Community Resources.”

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