Behind the Scenes look at 61st Annual Lake Erie Ballet “Community Nutracker”

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The Lake Erie Ballet’s Community Nutcracker brings 100 dancers from across Erie Dance Companies all to one stage to work with the Fort Wayne Ballet, a professional company.

“To be able to work with professionals, like this is really a once in a lifetime,” said Christina Maria, director of Sovereign Ballet.

The professional dancers helping to teach the younger performers. The show leaves an everlasting memory with its performers.

“Dancers from 30 years ago when I was dancing, I still remember all the details.”

Another memorable aspect of the show is its design. In the show, there are four larger than life sets that help to transport you into the world of the Nutcracker. Along with the masterful backdrops and set pieces, the show also uses practical magic to create a winter-wonderful including making it snow on stage. However, some believe it’s more than the show’s spectacle that keeps audiences coming back.

“There is so much passion that is behind ballet,” said Olivia Lane, an artistic director of Sovereign Ballet. “You have to be passionate about it to do it. You can really see it in all the dancers’ faces while they’re on stage.”

Olivia Lane knows firsthand the passion that goes into the shows. 15 years ago, she made her debut in the show when she was six years old. Now, she’s taking a step off stage and into a mentoring role

“That has been really nice to be able to work with, especially some of the older girls,” Lane said. “Being able to explain how my experience with dance and how to help them along their journey.”

The Nutcracker opens Saturday, December 21st and will run until Sunday, December 22nd.

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