As the Israeli-Hamas War continues in the Middle East, the Benedictine Sisters of Erie are praying for peace. The sisters have organized a silent walk in downtown Erie on Wednesday.

“There’s so much history to learn and such a long list of grievances on both sides. Viewing the situation as black and white is deeply troubling so this is the thing I would caution against,” said Professor Carolyn Baugh, Gannon University.

Professor Baugh is an expert in Middle Eastern history talking about the war in Gaza. She said while the conflict is complicated, she and others support peace in the region.

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie are organizing a silent peace walk on Wednesday in Perry Square. One organizer said it is an opportunity for the Erie community to come together.

“At a time like this when there is so much destruction and devastation in the Holy Land, it seemed really important to us to call the community together for a time to just be together in prayer and working on our own inner peace,” said Sister Jacqueline Sanchez-Small, Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

Sister Jacqueline added this walk is not a call for a particular resolution.

“We don’t intend for this to be the kind of thing that you bring a particular sign to. There’s no expectation that this is going to be like marching or chanting. It’s just come together, be at peace with one another and with yourself,” Sister Jacqueline added.

The Benedictine Sisters say the Erie community is invited to the silent peace walk, even those who don’t have direct ties to the issue.

“We don’t ever want people to feel that there’s just one particular issue that you have to be an expert in or personally touched by in order to have a commitment to peace,” Sister Jacqueline said.

The peace walk will take place on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. at Perry Square — 542 State St., Erie.