Benedictines for Peace hold silent peace walk at Greyhound Bus Terminal

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Community members and the Erie Benedictines for Peace walking in silence on Wednesday to advocate for non-violence. 

“As far as being productive, I mean internally, it’s a good way to center myself,” said Kevin Pastewka, Erie resident. Pastewka has been to many of these silent peace walks. 

He says the walks are needed in order to combat the violence in Erie and across the country. “In chaotic times like these, especially on a day like this with alleged bombings throughout the country,” said Pastewka. “It’s nice to have a space where you can sort of  center yourself and stay focused on what’s important.”

While they are marching for peace, they are also marching to raise awareness about migrant and refugee issues happening in Erie. Again, timely with scenes like this playing out and a heated debate over immigration.  

Benedictine Sister Anne McCarthy says they chose to walk near the Greyhound Bus Terminal because of the on-going tension over who should and shouldn’t be allowed in America. “We know that this is often a place where people are checked for their papers at the Greyhounds, that the border patrol will board the Greyhound busses in Erie,” said Sister McCarthy.

Sister McCarthy added that they hope the silence walk can ease some of the tension and promote peace. “So we’re just a presence here walking, praying for everyone, but especially for ourselves and for all those who live in fear,” she said.    

The silence walks usually last around 30 minutes and end in a prayer for peace. The next silent walk will be held on November 8th at St. Peter’s Cathedral. 

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