Bernie Bus rolls into Erie

Local News
A  Bernie Sanders bus makes its way to Erie. This happening just one day before members of the Clinton family arrive in Erie.  Members of the National Nurses United Union  are aboard the Bernie Bus. 
This is largest organization of registered nurses in the United States. These volunteers are traveling the country in hopes of gaining support for senator sanders. The nurses are from all over the country and ride the bus for a few days before getting back to their nursing jobs in their home states. The co- president of NNU says the nurses on the bus are rallying for Sanders because he is the candidate that will benefit union workers and the working society. The bus parked at  UE Local 506  for a few hours so the nurses could make phone calls to residents 
asking them to support their choice for the presidential nominee.  Sanders is picking up steam, winning Wednesday in Wisconsin and winning 6 of the 7  last primaries.  A movement closing the gap between the senator and democratic front- runner Secretary Clinton.

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