As Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to a close, Gannon University held an engagement event for students to learn more about how to keep proper cyber hygiene.

Gannon hosted a game night in its I-HACK building, including a scavenger hunt with clues, word search, Jeopardy game and more, all focused on cyber security and things that you can apply to your everyday life.

An organizer said young people are most at risk of cyber-attacks due to their activity and information released online.

“So much of our information is out there, and that’s ok. We’re all about sharing, communicating and connecting with other people, which is wonderful. But it’s really important to understand what data is out there, how we can control what we put out there, and what we feel comfortable putting out there,” said Regan Von Richter, the communications coordinator of I-HACK operations.

Von Richter said daily, monthly, and yearly safety audits can go a long way in making you aware of how much of your data is out there.