Bicyclist struck by semi and critically injured in hit and run on SR 6 in August suing semi driver and trucking company

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The bicyclist who nearly lost his life in an August 26, 2019 hit and run accident involving a tractor trailer on SR 6 in Corry, PA filed a lawsuit Thursday with Morgan & Morgan against the driver of the semi and the trucking company that owns the vehicle.

In the complaint, Robert Hill alleges that the driver of the semi—owned by CR Campbell Trucking—was driving too fast, failing to maintain proper control of his vehicle when he struck Hill, sending him into the guard rail, then struck him a second time. The driver then left the scene of the crash. Hill was critically injured and remains hospitalized.

“What happened to Robert Hill on a Warren County highway in August is simply horrific. To strike a bicyclist on the roadway with a multi-ton vehicle, then consciously make the decision to keep driving, not to stop or contact police or emergency responders, and leaving the victim on the side of the road fighting for his life doesn’t just violate the law; it shocks the conscience. It shows a total disregard for our client’s life. We will fight to make sure he receives the justice he deserves,” said Attorney Clancy Boylan, Morgan & Morgan, attorney representing Robert Hill.

According to the Complaint, after taken off a ventilator, Hill was angel flighted to Shephard Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Hill is a resident of Savannah, GA. At the time of filing of this Complaint, Hill is still in Shephard Center.

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