Bill introduced in the House, Alina’s Law, would strengthen PFA orders

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The murder of a University of Pittsburgh student in 2017 has sparked Pennsylvania lawmakers to act.

A bill has been introduced in the House to establish Alina’s Law, named after a young woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend a little more than two years ago.

Representative Anita Kulik has introduced the House bill. It would allow judges to order a PFA defendant to wear an electronic monitoring device if they are found to present a substantial risk of violating the order.

“Given my time in the District Attorney’s Office, I’ve worked with dozens of victims who had a PFA and that piece of paper simply wasn’t enough to protect them. I think Alina’s Law is much needed in Pennsylvania, because we have to do and put every protection in order, in order to protect these victims,” said Representative Ryan Bizzarro, (D), 3rd District.

In October 2017, Alina’s ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment and took her life. This, despite being served a Protection from Abuse order.

Her death was just one of 117 in Pennsylvania that came as a result of domestic violence that year.

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