Local businesses in the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community are receiving mini grants from Diverse Erie to help continue their efforts in the community.

On Friday, $300,800 in Small Business Mini Grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 were awarded to 29 businesses in the BIPOC community. Grants are funded with American Rescue Plan dollars.

Below is a full list of recipients of the 2023 Small Business Mini Grants:

  • A Taste of Love $15,000
  • Barb’s Corner $5,000
  • Barb’s Family Daycare $15,000
  • C. Barney & Smith Memorial $10,000
  • Crockett Rentals LLC $25,000
  • Dapper Don’s Styling Lounge $5,000
  • Dinner is Served by Lisa $15,000
  • Diverse Hands Daycare $15,000
  • Divinely Crown’d LLC $5,000
  • FitKing Co. $5,000
  • Handled with Care Childcare $20,000
  • Hill Top Mart LLC $5,000
  • Hooks Catfish Kitchen $15,000
  • Lake Erie Woodworks $5,800
  • Manus Enterprises $25,000
  • Materialistic Boutique $5,000
  • Mompreneur Renovations LLC $5,000
  • Moore’s Painting & Services $5,000
  • Photos by Dai $5,000
  • Premier Manufacturing LLC $10,000
  • Priority Care Unlimited $10,000
  • Smoke n Barbeque $5,000
  • Stacie Brown $7,500
  • Tender Loving Care Place LLC $5,000
  • Triple D’s Tasty Grill $15,000
  • True Sports LLC $5,000
  • Ty’s Healthy Healers $15,000
  • WHM Working Capitol $7,500
  • Wonderful Chippers Food Group $15,000
    • TOTAL $300,800.00

The chairman of the Erie County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission says it’s important that the businesses are kept in the conversation of money allocation in order to keep the momentum of thriving businesses going.

One recipient says she will use her grant towards continuing to grow her business.

“One of the things that I’m needing, I’m pending in Walmart now, I’m actually in negotiations with them, and so I really need more support on an advertising standpoint and marketing standpoint. So this will be helpful with that,” said Marva Morris, CEO, Zenedge Energy Drinks.

The chairman of the Erie County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission said as of now it is to be determined if another round of grants will go out.