Bishop back from Supreme Court hearing involving contraception

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The Bishop is now back from the intense Supreme Court hearing on contraception.  The Catholic Diocese of Eire is one of seven plaintiffs in the case called Zubik v Burwell. This case involving the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care.  The Diocese of Erie and several other diocese’s are challenging the  constitutionality of this mandate requiring that all organizations provide contraception coverage to their employees under the Affordable Care Act.  The government did allow for an accommodation for churches not requiring them to offer coverage for contraception’s.  But, the accommodation does not include Catholic work places like  like the Saint Martin Center. Bishop Persico says that’s what they are hoping to change.
Before the Supreme Court hearing Bishop Persico and Bishop Bubik from the Diocese  of Pittsburgh held a mass in the Jones Day Law Office  in Washington,  DC for the attorney’s arguing the case. 

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