State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro introduced a resolution in the PA House of Representatives designating November 22nd as Veterans Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day.

According to a news release, Bizzarro said he is “championing the resolution to draw attention to the heroes that communities across Pennsylvania have lost, as well as those who may continue to be lost if the current public health epidemic goes unaddressed.”

In addition, the date further serves as a reminder of the estimated 22 veterans who die by suicide daily.

“The brave women and men in our armed forces have selflessly sacrificed much in service to our country and we have an obligation to serve and support them. I want each and every veteran to know there are resources available to help them heal from the scars of war,” Bizzarro said.

Rep. Bizzarro encourages residents to contact his office to connect with state resources and the veterans’ liaison.

The number to call is 814-835-2880.