Black Bear found roaming Edinboro, relocated to Warren County woods

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There was an unexpected guest in Edinboro this morning. Edinboro residents witnessed a black bear roaming near homes.

It certainly was an active scene today, as residents watched Edinboro Police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission come together in efforts to track down, and catch the wild animal. It started off as a normal day for businesses and residents in Edinboro, but then it all changed.

“Just started off with my normal work routine, then I saw this bear come out, and was like ‘oh boy.’ Just trying to get everyone aware that it came through, and let them know ‘hey, there’s a bear, be careful.’ There’s going to be cops blocking the road off,” said Nate Rowe, Warehouse Daytime Manager, Edinboro Beverage.

After spotting the bear at the beer distributor, the Manager said the animal then went into the lake, and swam towards shore in another direction. It was then when residents along the lake spotted the bear next.

“I was sitting on my porch, and a lady came down the road and said there was a bear across the street. Soon the Game Commission came, and Police, and the bear was being chased as he climbed a tree,” said Tracy McCalla, Edinboro resident.

The area was blocked off so the officers could safely capture the bear. Once in a good spot, they were able to tranquilize the around 225 pound animal, giving people a chance to see something not seen everyday.

“They allowed us to come over and take a peek at it, and see something we might not ever see up close like that,” said Kelly Hall, lake visitor.

The bear was transported to the woods of Warren County. According to the Game Warden, he ran right out when they opened up his cage.

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