From saving money to family traditions shoppers in Erie are taking to the stores for Black Friday.

After a pandemic pause – shoppers in Erie are filling Millcreek Mall and other stores to partake in Black Friday sales.

“Well, there’s definitely a lot of people in and out the stores, definitely long lines,” said Dana Smith, a Black Friday shopper.

Pamela Fuller, a Black Friday shopper said, “I pretty much figured it was going to be like this.”

Some people said they are experts at navigating the Black Friday crowds as it is a tradition for their family.

Another Black Friday shopper, Barb McCluskey, said, “we’ve been doing this for many years. This is my sister, my mom, and my other sister. We Black Friday shop every year. We have a friend Kelly Johnson from Youngsville, Pennsylvania, make our t-shirts every year.”

Fuller said, “my mom when she was able and my sisters without kids, we would do this traditionally shopping made it a lot easier, but unfortunately, she is not able to shop with me now, but I have my youngest daughter that’s coming, and my other two daughters had to work, so I’m trying to carry on the tradition.”

And other people said they are simply taking advantage of the sales while getting an early jump on Christmas presents.

“Shop for my girlfriend and a bunch of friends family,” Smith said.

“My one sister has teenage children, so she’s shopping for t-shirts and speakers and teenage items, and my children have grown up, but I still like to spoil them, so I won’t say what I’m shopping for,” McCluskey said.

Delaney Wurst, a Black Friday shopper, “a new shirt.”

Shoppers that we spoke with say they’re excited to be back amongst the crowds after the pandemic pause.

“Yes, it’s so good to be back to normal,” McCluskey said.

“Since the last two years, you never really got out with the friends anymore because of COVID, but I mean it’s a lot better than ordering stuff online and not being near anybody, just doing your own thing. Now you can actually come out and socialize,” Smith said.