Blasco Library one of many sites under consideration for Erie County Community College site

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A very familiar site is under consideration for Erie County’s first ever community college. The interim president of the community college has revealed that the Blasco Library could host part of the planned, new community college.

The battle may have been over as to where to locate the new Erie County Community College. The Blasco Library is one of few sites under consideration.

“The college is actually interested in multiple sites. This is a huge county and, really, community colleges in Pennsylvania. All of us do serve huge areas tend to have more than one location.” said Judith Gay, Interim President.

Gay says the plan is to have the library as one of many classroom sites for students. She says there is a plan to have one outside of the City of Erie to serve rural Erie County students.

“It is such a great idea. It’s exactly the way I think higher education should be working together to make the resources available to students.” Gay said.

She says the plan is to place students in the library won’t cost taxpayers any additional resources. The open space may be the first step for potential students to use.

“We have meeting rooms like the Admiral Room that would be able to sit 25 to 35 people, so those would be available for instruction and we also do have study rooms.” said Sheryl Thomas, Assistant Director of the Erie County Public Library.

Thomas and Gay say the library has many resources that students can access without needing to pay out of pocket. Gay says they will soon interview full time or part time teachers. She says faculty members may have to do both in-person and online instruction.

We’re told that students can enroll sometime in early July and classes will begin on September 1st. We’re also told that if enrollment goes up, they’ll offer more classes and hire more faculty members.

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