Blueberry picking season is underway in Erie and local farms have plenty of supply for people to enjoy.

Clorley Farms tells us that their harvest has seen a setback due to dry conditions, but the owner now says that their farm is ready for business.

Many take advantage of local blueberry farms to stock up on their supply of blueberries for the year. However, this season has seen its fair share of struggles.

Farmers barely got any rain all through the month of June and the first week of July, which impacted the size and growth rate of the crops.

“Honestly, it looked like we were going to be ready to pick before July 4th early in the spring. Then it slowed way down because of the lack of rain, but the last couple weeks we’ve been able to kind of get started and really kick things off. There are a ton of blueberries. Some are still ripening but there’s a ton of ripe ones here to pick,” said Jeff Clorley, owner of Clorley Farms.

It takes a lot to maintain the crops, which Clorley adds he solely maintains by hand without pesticides.

“There’s mulching, there’s making sure that the weeds don’t get too crazy, so we don’t spray anything for the weeds. We actually weed whack all of these believe it or not. Tying up the blueberries is a lot because the bushes get so heavy that they display out like a palm tree,” said Clorley.

Clorley Farms tells us that this farm is one of only a few in the area that allow people to come out and pick their blueberries themselves, which can lead to special bonding time for families.

Pickers shared with us what makes coming out and picking your own blueberries so appealing.

“It’s something that’s fairly inexpensive to do with your family, and we can bring them out on a nice day and get to teach them how to appreciate nature and the good food that nature provides for us. It’s really just a good time to spend some quality time with your family,” said Adam Denevic, North East resident.

Blueberry lovers seem pleased that picking season is underway and that crops have bounced back from the drought-like conditions earlier this summer.