Boaters on the bayfront soak up the sun on Memorial Day

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Boaters across the bayfront have been taking advantage of the sunny skies and the hot temperatures on this Memorial Day.

We spoke to boaters and marina owners about how this weekend is creating a sense of relaxation.

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer. The boaters we spoke to tell us that it’s been a long time coming after staying put in their homes for the past two months.

It’s smooth sailing for dozens of boaters across Erie’s bayfront.

Tom Bott, a boat owner from Pittsburgh tells us that he’s been looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and is spending time with his family outside of the house.

“This is one place where we can practice social distancing and still enjoy the weather and the boat. Right now we only have our immediate family,” said Tom Bott, Boat Owner from Pittsburgh.

Bott tells us that boating is a great way to practice social distancing while still enjoying the beauty of the bayfront.

Teresa Gurrein, manager of Wolverine Park Marina, said that this is the busiest Memorial day weekend she has seen in 33 years.

“I think it’s because there isn’t a lot of graduation parties, picnics and other things so people are coming to the boat because they have a little more free time,” said Teresa Gurrein, Manager of Wolverine Park Marina.

Just a little west on the bayfront, Port Erie Sports is also seeing a steady amount of business compared to last year’s Memorial Day Weekend.

“I think it’s kind of even which I was kind of surprised about. I thought we were going to be pretty short handed here and not very busy, but I think it’s pretty even this year,” said Morgan Orelski, Manager of Port Erie Sports.

People at Port Erie Sports were also soaking up the sun while using jet skis, kayaks and boat rentals for the afternoon.

Other boaters tell us that this weekend has created a sense of normalcy for all of the COVID-19 concerns.

“I’ve been inside, staying at home actually following the rules not meeting up with people. They were in town and I was at home doing nothing, so we came out and we’re going to explore,” said Caleb Mabins, Erie Resident.

The managers at Port Erie Sports told us that all water activities such as kayaks and jet skis were sanitized after each use and once customers were on the water they were allowed to remove their masks.

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