High performance boats will be making waves off the Erie waterfront Saturday.

The eighth Elite Poker Run takes place with up to 50 boats racing from Erie to Dunkirk and back.

During a series of stops, the boaters will collect cards trying to create the best poker hand. Elite poker runs have raised about $41,000 for charity since 2015.

If you want to see the action, the boats are expected to leave around 10 a.m. across Presque Isle Bay and through the channel to Lake Erie.

“This waterfront destination is gorgeous, that’s what draws me to it. Not many places in the country you can go and have beautiful waterfront hotels, amenities and it’s definitely a great boating community,” said Anthony Scioli, who’s managing member-elite poker runs.

The poker run is expected to cover about 110 miles by the time the boats return to Presque Isle Bay.