Body cameras added to Erie Police uniform

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Erie Police Officers will now be able to record everything that occurs during a call.

The Erie Police Department has added a new piece of equipment to the uniform.

Chelsey Withers was live with a look at what it took to implement this.

For nearly three years, the city has worked to bring body cameras to the force. That day has come and now each patrolman and some cruisers have the device.

As of this morning the body system is launched for the Erie Police Department. There are about 140 cameras that each uniformed officer will wear and 12 cameras in the cruisers.

Before officers could use these they had to complete a full eight hour training to learn how to operate the camera and the system where they review and add the video.

When the officer turns on the camera it begins to record and activate a 30 second loop. Once a shift is complete the officer will then return the camera where it will charge and store the video taken that day.

The hope is now that these are in place for the department, this will help bring down crime rate within the city.

“When crimes are bring committed in front of the officers, obviously all of that is going to be on film so that’s going to help when it comes to court time. I am going to assume that people who are committing crimes in the city, conviction rates will go up for those crimes that are being committed,” said Captain Rick Lorah, Erie Police Department.

The company the city is using for these cameras is Axon Enterprises and they have signed a five year deal.

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