Body of Korean War soldier returned to family over 70 years later

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Over 70 years ago, Erie Native Harold Knight was killed in the Korean War, but his family never got the chance to say goodbye with a proper burial.

Harold Knight’s family said that they are overwhelmed with emotions today, but glad that Harold could be buried in the U.S. with Military honors.

Knight grew up in Erie while attending Erie High School, but at the age of 20 he was killed in action during the Korean War.

Almost 70 years later, his brother Albert Knight said that the family can now honor Harold with a proper burial ceremony.

“Very proud of it and we’re paying a big tribute to him and we’re sure glad he’s home,” said Albert Knight, Harold Knight’s Brother.

Albert Knight added that he remembers the last time he saw his brother when he came home from Korea to visit.

“He told my dad you’ll probably never see me again and we went back to Korea and we never did see him again,” said Knight.

Harold Knight and other U.S. soldiers remains were returned from Korea to the U.S. Department of Defense back in 2018.

Knight’s sisters Patricia McInchak and Francis Thomas said that this has been an overwhelming process, but they are glad to have their brother buried at home.

“It means a lot, a very lot. We appreciate everybody not only just family, anybody that’s here to help us through this,” said Patricia McInchak, Harold Knight’s Sister.

“It’s wonderful, I can’t express how I feel, It’s beautiful,” said Francis Thomas, Harold Knight’s Sister.

Members of the Knight family said that they are grateful to gather together and celebrate the life of Harold Knight and his service in the U.S. Army.

“We always kind of looked at ourselves as a small humble family and to come back here and just see the recognition and what this family has done. Harold you know being in the Korean War,” said Knight.

Harold Knight’s casket was escorted by State Police and the Patriot Riders from Downtown Erie to Heckathorn Cemetery in Seneca, Pennsylvania.

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