Bogus Harley gear confiscated at Roar

Local News

Concerns over bogus Harley merchandise prompted representatives from Harley-Davidson and agents from Homeland Security to identify and seize what’s being called “significant quantities of counterfeit merchandise from ROTS (Roar On The Shore) vendors.

In a statement to Action News, Harley-Davidson of Erie owners Kelly and Susan Lapping say in June they formally notified the Manufacturer & Business Association of concerns “about the growing number of vendors selling counterfeit merchandise at their event the past few years”.  

The statement further says that the Manufacturer’s and Business Association, which hosts the event, was made aware of those concerns and that agents did visit the festival and took a number of items.

“As a locally-owned small business,” the couple wrote, “we are deeply disappointed that the MBA failed to act responsibly and take steps to prevent the continued sale of counterfeit merchandise at their annual bike rally.”

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