Bomb scare disrupts shoppers on Upper Peach Street

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ERIE, Pa. — A bomb scare at Peach Street Marketplace puts shoppers on lockdown.

A caller reported a suspicious package in the parking lot of Lowe’s Home Improvement store Tuesday evening, located on Keystone Drive, in Summit Township.

Pennsylvania State Police and the Erie Metro Bomb Squad responded to the scene just after 6 p.m.

A plastic five-gallon pail, which had a lid taped on and wires protruding, was found in the bushes of a landscaped island. The packaged was detonated and determined not to be an explosive device.

Sgt. Brian Copley of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office said, “It appears to be a lot of rubbish inside of that, possibly a clay pot. There was a lot of electronic components, unknown what they went to; but just because of that and that alone, we disrupted the package.”

The Lowe’s building, which sits just off of Peach St, was on temporary lockdown, but no one was hurt.

State police are investigating to determine how the package got there.

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