Brain aneurysm survivor discusses process of recovering

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JET 24 Action News spoke to a man who went through a brain aneurysm and what the process is like.

We spoke to a physical therapist who explained that this type of injury can happen to anyone at any age at any moment, but the recovery process could take years.

“You could be completely fine and then the next minute you’re literally looking death in the eye. I mean, it’s scary to think at any minute that could happen and I had no warning signs, no headaches before it just hit me.” said Paul Bills, a resident of Wesleyville.

Bills explained that he had a brain aneurysm in December 2018. On his way to recovery, doctors found another aneurysm leading to a fourth surgery this past July.

“It’s definitely scary for the person going through it, but it puts a lot of extra pressure on your family. I always say its sort of easier for you to go through than your family to go through it.” Bills said.

A physical therapist explaining that when recovering from any sort of brain injury, its back to the basics.

“Brain injuries involve more than just physical movement. It involves all of the things we do in the daytime to take care of ourselves. So, those things would be the most important. Most importantly, daily functions, then we get into the other things, even walking is down the road compared to other things like thinking, talking and moving.” said Curt Cardman, MPT, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers.

Cardman explained that typically the recovery process is broken down into phases, but in the beginning, it’s all about healing.

“We try to get the tissues to calm down and keep the patient pretty much quiet, so it doesn’t give more swelling and give everything a chance to heal because the most important in the early phases is that the tissue heals and the person comes around at their own pace.” Cardman said.

From there, doctors will work to measure what the deficits are and then figure out a basic care plan.

Cardman says that every injury is different and its good to celebrate any and every milestone, but to also not be discouraged with any setbacks because they do happen with these types of injuries.

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