Breaking: Villa Maria to move to Cathedral Prep campus in Fall of 2022

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Breaking News: Just announced by Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy President Chris Hagerty, Villa Maria Academy will be moving to Cathedral Prep’s campus in the Fall of 2022.

It was reported that Villa Maria Academy will be closing its building over on West 8th Street and the students will be joining the Cathedral Prep campus where the school will become co-ed.

The plans and the timeline were unveiled during a virtual town hall meeting tonight.

“It is the first time in over 45 to 50 years and change at all and we’re all going to live it together,” said Chris Hagerty, President of Cathedral Prep/Villa Maria.

Hagerty announced a $14.5 million project and with that announcement comes a list of sweeping changes.

With that announcement comes a list of sweeping changes. It starts with the 757 current students from both schools being under the same downtown roof creating a co-ed school in the Fall of 2022.

Wednesday night’s presentation for parents including a video tour of the 25,000 square foot addition to Prep.

This takes up $12.5 million of the budget with work beginning next May. The other two million dollars will pay for renovations within the current building.

The combined school will keep the name Cathedral Prep as well as the ramblers nickname and school colors of black and orange.

Hagerty said that the Villa Maria property will not be sold as they want to use it for educational purposes. As of now there are no plans for the Villa Maria campus.

Hagerty said that current Prep students will keep using the building while work is being done.

More details will be posted tomorrow November 12th on the school’s website.

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