McKean Township is being awarded funding to replace an aging sewer treatment facility.

The township is receiving $250,000 from the American Rescue Plan’s infrastructure gap funding for the replacement of the Colonial Village sewage plant.

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis said the facility is over 70 years old, potentially poses risks to the environment and is inefficient.

A McKean Township supervisor said the funding will help take a financial burden off of township residents of Colonial Village.

“We didn’t have enough to build our sewage treatment plant and there’s like only 50 homes in the subdivision, there’s some malfunctioning homes outside of the subdivision,” said Jan Dannis, McKean Township supervisor. “Well, we’re waiting on DEP approvals and then we’ll be getting a permit from the DEP for the construction. Then at that time, then we’ll be bidding out the plant.”

Dannis said the township is hoping to get the sewer replaced in 2024 or possibly 2025.