Area Businesses React to Bar Restriction Adjustments

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The owner of Brewerie at Union Station Chris Sirianni is one business owner having to deal with adjustments once again following the Pennsylvania Governor’s latest restrictions.

Sirianni said adjusting on a daily basis has been very difficult and added that there should be some kind of penalty for businesses doing things wrong and stated he doesn’t know too many businesses that can run on 25 percent occupancy.

“That is difficult, luckily we have added outdoor seating, and that has helped but going into fall that is going to be a real detriment in something that most businesses are not going to be able to overcome, ” said Sirianni.

Underdog BBQ has expanded their outdoor seating area due tot he pandemic while inside the dining area has been cut in half.

Aside from moving tables to be six feet apart they have also increased sanitizing stations across the restaurant.

One manager said it has been difficult keeping up with the changing regulations trying to ensure customers are safe and keeping the business afloat.

“Every time you get a cut back you wonder is this going to be the one that pushes us over the edge where we can’t keep it afloat?” said Underdog BBQ Manager Julie Flack.

“A lot of locals are supporting us and still coming out,” she added.

Picasso’s Restaurant expects that the new governor orders won’t affect them too much.

According to management, the sandwich shop has moved fully to outdoor dining.

They said because of the limited space inside they found it best to move forward this way, that way people can better social distance when ordering or grabbing take out.

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