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A Cambridge Springs nursing home complex that sat empty for years will hopefully see new life.  

The Golden Living Facility is now up for auction, a building with so much history.  Many people we spoke with today said they would like to see it restored as an assisted living facility because there is a need in the community, and that’s how it served the area for so long.

Mari Jo French worked in the kitchen of the former Golden Living Center in Cambridge Spring and lives across the street.  She’s excited to see the auction sign go up and potential new life for the now vacant nursing home.  “I just hope whoever brings something to the community work-wise. Losing the Riverside Inn, a lot of people have lost their jobs around here.”

The facility was built in 1880 and was originally a hotel.  Historian Janet Beanland tells us, “A Dr. Dean bought it and it became a sanitarium. She treated people for different ailments. She was the first woman doctor in this area,” and it’s been a health facility ever since.  “The first part of the hotel has a lot of history, a lot of beautiful woodwork inside of it.”

And, after the historic Riverside Inn was destroyed by a massive fire in May, new business to the area is just what Cambridge Springs needs.

The Mayor of Cambridge Springs, Randy Gorske, tells us, “we need something that could spur the beginning…  It all comes down to, we have limited growth potential. So, when we have a property like that sitting empty, if we can market that or if we can get it sold and in the hands of someone that can get that can do it; that’s going to be to be our best bet.”

Gorske says with the layout of the building, it would make the most logically sense to restore it as an assistant living facility. But he says he’s open to other options.  “The ideal thing was a lot of people were neighbors that worked there and could walk to it. That’s the beauty of a small town; is that a core tenant, a core business like that, could make that happen.”

French adds, “whatever they can do would be great as long as they don’t have to tear it down.”

The auction is set for October 9-11.

So, what will move in there?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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