Bus/SUV accident update-29th and Liberty

Local News

On West 29th and Liberty Street witnesses say a mini-van traveling north on Liberty ran a red light and struck an EMTA bus heading west on 29th Street.

The bus ended up crashing into a utility pole and the mini-van crashed through the side of the First Wesleyan Methodist Church.  Inside the church, the window was completely knocked out.  No one was in the church at the time.

Erie Police are still investigating, trying to determine how many people were in the bus and the extent of their injuries.

Some passengers received medical treatment on the scene.

An EMTA passenger, Steven Carpenter, tell us, “there were some people on the side seats they got knocked over on the ground, one of them got their hand cut someone else got their arm injured from the impact, mostly I am more worried about the driver at this point.”

Firefighters at the scene say none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening.  The intersection of West 29th and Liberty remains closed at this hour (noon).


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