Long before the tall ships sailed into Dobbins Landing, local hotels, businesses and vendors had been planning for the big event.

As the tall ships sail in, a treasure chest of money is brought to the area. All those people coming to tall ships from out of town have to stay somewhere.

“This is kind of like the Superbowl of our year. This is the main event for us this year. We are very excited,” said Daniel Pora, general manager at Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel.

But a boatload of profit is not easy sailing.

“We have been planning for weeks for this now. Staffing, how are we going to execute the dining room with reservations and special events. We actually have some tents that were rented out by individuals out on the top of our parking garage in order to view the tall ships. We have been planning for this event for a long time,” Pora added.

Preparing for Tall Ships Erie is no easy task for local vendors, but the profit they make is definitely worth it.

“This is a big event, as you know. I mean there is going to be over 100,000 people here, and as a local vendor, it really helps my business,” said Keith Eberly, owner of Dobbins Dogs.

Eberly is busy making last-minute fixes for the large crowds.

“There is a lot of prep trying to plan for how many customers I am going to have, how many other vendors are going to be down here, how many people are going to be here. I make sure my purchases are based on all of that, and I want to make sure I have enough.”

The last Tall Ships Erie, back in 2019, sold over 30,000 tickets.