One busy intersection will soon reopen after a water main break is repaired on Holland Street.

Here is more about the efforts from Erie Water Works.

The CEO of Erie Water Works said that the street could reopen as soon as Sept. 2.

In addition to the repairs on Holland Street, they are replacing waterlines throughout the city.

Erie Water Works crews have been busy this week tending to an underground water main break.

The break took place around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday near East 7th and Holland Streets.

The CEO of Erie Water Works said that they expect the streets to reopen sometime on Friday.

“These things happen a lot. The fact that happened in the middle of the night kind of was a little bit better because they were able to work without traffic. They closed streets down, but sometimes people avoid those barriers and come through, but we got water on. There were only a few customers that were impacted,” said Paul Vojtek, CEO of Erie Water Works.

Only six residents were impacted by the water main break. Vojtek explained what happened.

“The actual break in the high pressure of the water pretty much excavated that it blew the asphalt off and it blew the dirt on it. You know our crews are out there with a back hoe and front loader lifting the dirt off the road,” said Vojtek.

Erie Water Works is also working on replacement projects throughout the city using more than six million dollars of federal funding to prevent future problems.

The project is replacing 1,300 service connections in the Erie Water Works distribution system.

They’re replacing lead goosenecks implemented before the 1940’s. They are no longer allowed or installed in the city.

This week crews are also working on West 3rd Street between Poplar and Walnut, as well as West 10th between Liberty and Walnut.

The goal is to eliminate all potential sources of lead to protect residents.