C-SPAN makes stop in Erie, interviews local congressman

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C-SPAN made a stop in Erie today. While here, C-SPAN spoke with a local congressman.

C-SPAN explained that although they go nationwide, right now they are focusing on making way to the battleground states.

During his interview, Congressman Mike Kelly discussed local and national politics.

Some topics of discussion were the impeachment, local economy, and candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

Congressman explained that although the conversations varied, this gave people around the country a chance to learn about how our local economy is changing.

“We get a chance to talk about Erie. When we get a chance to talk about Western Pennsylvania, Northwestern Pennsylvania, we talk all about the upside and how good things have been. I mean, this is the best economy we’ve had in over half a century and I think people get tired of this thing about bad news all the time,” said U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, (R) 16th District.

Joe Morris from Mercyhurst University was also interviewed today on the bus. In order to bring the bus here, C-SPAN partnered with Spectrum.

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