Calvary Baptist Christian Academy students return to school after floodwater repairs are made

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Students are just returning to school after floodwaters forced them into a different building.

A rainstorm in July left the bottom floor of a Crawford County school unusable for the first several months of the academic year.  Now, students are welcomed back to a refurbished and improved facility. 

For many students in classrooms like this one at Calvary Baptist Christian Academy, it feels like the first day of school.

Jillian Haeck, 6th Grader, tells us, “It’s really nice to see and everybody back together.” 

After spending months split between two buildings, the students are now under one roof for the first time this school year.

Peter Coulter, Director of Development, explains, “Early July, when we had the record rainfall, the basement flooded and we had six to four inches of water depending on where you were standing in the basement; destroyed the floor; destroyed a lot of furniture in the basement.”

The damage forcing students from four grades to take classes elsewhere.

Now, the students are welcomed back to their old home with a new hallway and outlook.

“It’s a lot brighter down here than it was,” Jillian tells us. “It used to have white halls and a white floor and now it’s a lot more colorful.” 

The school development director tells us thanks to a generous donor, they were able to replace much of the damaged furniture.

“They said, ‘why don’t we buy all new?’ and they offered five-thousand dollars as a matching gift of new tables and chairs.”

But even with that gift, there’s still more work to be done. 

The school is now accepting donations through the end of the month.

Meadville Alliance Church provided the space for students to have class while work was underway at the school. 

The development director says he has nothing but thanks for the church and the people in the community who helped this project along.

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