Cambridge Springs residents express concern over lack of detour signs

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Residents in Cambridge Springs are having issues with the lack of detour signage when it comes to a bridge closure on Venango Avenue. 

“The bridge first closed closed yesterday, but we had plenty of notification that the bridge was going to close as townspeople,” said Rachel Varndell. “But the signage was not so good.” Varndell is the owner of the Lickety Split, she says drivers use her parking lot to turn around. “The detour should actually be about a mile in a half down the road, there’s no signage,” said Varndell.  “So, all day yesterday there were semis coming through, I’m assuming they turned around at dollar general and they would come back.” 

Some residents in a Cambridge Springs neighborhood say that cars are speeding through their streets trying to get around the construction, but there’s not outlet. “Then we end up with all this traffic here and they have nowhere to go, so they have to turn around somewhere,” said Dale Sutter. “And nobody wants some crowds in the middle of the night turning in your driveway.”  Sutter says he doesn’t mind the construction on the bridge, but he would  more detour signs up. Residents like Brooke Phillips say she is concerned about people speeding through their neighborhood. “The people don’t really know where they’re going, it’s not their fault cause of the signs,” said Phillips. “But it is 15 miles per hour here and nobody is obeying… like they are at least going 30.” Phillips added that there are lots of kids who play outside in the area. We reached out to PENNDOT and they issued this statement:

“For the bridge on Route 6/Route 19 – PennDOT will be putting up additional signs on Monday to help draw more attention to that bridge closure.”

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