Campaign controversy in Union City parade

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As Union City celebrated its homecoming court Saturday, along with several notable hometown figures, there was one float in particular unable to participate in this year’s parade.

Mark Vascovich says, “We’re out here to support the town and the region.  We’re here to show our support for Donald Trump and the republican party. We actually asked to be in this parade and we were denied, because the democrats didn’t want to put a car in themselves, so the mayor wouldn’t let us put our vehicle in.”

Republican party supporters, such as Union City resident Ron Lewis, were notified on Monday that their vehicle – in support of presidential candidate Donald Trump – must be parked away from the streets and that it would not be allowed to enter the parade.

Ron Lewis says, “I have no problem with the other party being in the parade.  It should be fair, but if they didn’t want to be in there, we should be able to have been in there as well.”

Union City Mayor Bob King says he’s received late night phone calls and nasty Facebook comments regarding the situation leading up to the parade. 

King said the democrats did not give a specific reason for their decision not to elect to put a car in the parade, but he insists that politics are not the focal point on a day such as this.

King says, “We decided not to let them in.  This is a sensitive year for the election and this wasn’t a political parade, it’s a community, homecoming parade which we hold every year.”

Despite not having a physical presence in the parade route, republican party supporters remained visible from the sidewalks along the path with what Vascovich estimates to be around 100 people.

Kevin Henry says, “We’re frustrated, but we’re being peaceful.  We just want to get the message out and we’re average people.”

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